A bit of metal finishing and surface prep for tack welding. This is a great time to have your buddy inside the car with a dolly or other piece of heavy steel to place on the backside of where you are hammering. It really mates the two metals together nice.
Here we have most of the two panels mated together. Keep the welder around while you do some metal finishing. Finally, go check on your buddy in the car; make sure he did a good job with the dolly, and he did not pass out from the fumes.

We have been taking a lot of pics to remind us of how to install the items we develop. Check out the Instillation Instructions page and see if we got it close. Also, if you have an idea on something you would like to see more of, go to the Contact page and please submit your request. We do a lot of crazy stuff, so let us know the issue and we will attack it.

New Transmission Tunnel pics posted! Check them out under Instillation Instructions.20160525_134843

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